Zenpukuji Park

Zenpukuji Park in Musashino area, provides visitors relaxing leisure time with its seasonally blooming trees and flowers.

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In spring, you can enjoy a lot of flowers such as cherry blossoms, azalea, daphne and alpine rose and more. As this park is in the quiet residential area, it is used for the shooting of movie and drama.

Walking along Zenpukiji River which is close to this park is also recommended as 4.2 km of cherry blossom tunnel is graceful.

To amuse kids, Koinobori event is held in May. Koinobori is a Japanese traditional thing. It is cloth streamers in the shape of a carp wishing that boys will grow up to be strong and courageous like carp.

In rainy season, hydrangea are so beautiful. Tanabata festival is held in July. Tanabata is originated from the legend of Vega and Altair, who are separated by the Milky Way. People celebrate their reunion on July 7th night displaying bamboo grass with strips of paper writing a wish on it.

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There are 2 huge ponds which are one of the water source of Tokyo, so you can enjoy boating in the park. The refection of the deep red of autumn leaves on surface of the water is fabulous. Taking a walk in the park enjoying the autumn leaves and picking up acorn shells is fun.

In winter, there is Christmas lighting event held. There is also a bird-watching opportunity. There are beautiful natures which changing seasonally so you never get tired. Throughout year, you can meet cute creatures such as spot-billed duck, little grebe and gray heron.

As the park is 78,000 square meter wide, it is well known as a jogging course.

You can access to Zenpukuji park within 15 minutes walk from Kichijoji or Nishiogikubo station. Or 7 minutes by bus from each station.

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  • Zenpuku Temple (5minutes walk)
  • Zenpukuji River (5minutes walk)

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