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Zapp is a long-established bar in Ikebukuro that is very famous among picky music lovers. You may be able to tell from its name “ZAPP”, the bar has tons of selection of records focusing on funk, soul and other genre in 60s – 80s such as R&B, AOR, pop song and Motown and more.

ZAPP is located 3 minutes walk from JR Ikebukuro station. After walking the bustle of west Ikebukuro downtown area, you will see small entrance and stairs to underground. The customer start to come right after the bar opens at 7 pm.

As ZAPP is loved by niche music lovers, usually customers come here frequently. Those regular customers enjoy talking with bartenders and DJ. Some customers come in a group and enjoy drinking and music. The atmosphere is fairly quiet compare to the bar in Roppongi. So if you prefer enjoying music and drink staying away from the horseplay, ZAPP is a best choice.

You can ask DJ to play song you want to listen. If they don’t have the song, DJ picks up the song which you may like. As DJ has very good taste of music, you probably like it and your favorite numbers have increased. You will probably be able to listen to the same song on your second visit because ZAPP takes care of regular customer so much, and they already know what you want to listen to.

They have a wide selection of drink, beer, whiskey and cocktail in a reasonable price. One of the famous dish is Gumbo (thick chicken soup) which is originated in Louisiana US. Though they have other munchies for alcohol, having dinner before you come to ZAPP is recommended. There are many chain stores on your way from Ikebukuro station.

Basic info

Open Hours Monday – Saturday
7:00 pm – 4:00 amSunday
7:00 pm – 1:00 am
What’s nearby Sunshine city (8 minutes walk)
Times SPA RESTA (8 minutes walk)
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