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Yoyogi village is newly opened trendy spot in Yoyogi produced by Takeshi Kobayashi who is a megahit music producer. After 2 minutes walking nondescript street from west exit of JR Yoyogi station you see the entrance into the “village”.

In the luxuriantly-wooded village, there are cafés, fancy restaurants, bars, food shops, travel agency, yoga school etc… The concept of Yoyogi village is an integration of the various factors of the living -such as nature, food, music and arts. The interpretation of these factors as a whole is creatively expressed here.

This village is not a typical food court nor shopping mall.

Yoyogi curry which is located near the entrance is famous for its unique dishes. You can try curry with lemon flavor, green curry with Japanese mushroom flavor.

If you go up stairs covered in granadilla, there is a clothing shop made by pre organic cotton.

If you feel like having a drink, going to music bar is recommended.

It is produced by Shinichi Osawa, who is also a megahit musician setting up high ceilings that is one of a high quality sound systems of the bar. Tannoy speakers from England and a Linn record player from Scotland are adopted. The selection of the BGM is also a high quality, Jazz and soul music are carefully chosen by house DJ. You can relax and settle down on the cozy sofa listening to them.

Fancy restaurant “Code Kurukku” is an Italian restaurant inspired by Japanese ingredients. You can feel in union with the nature from outside table.

Especially the view at night is exotic with the lighting. In summer, restaurants prepare the white sand beach outside for beer season.


Spending a daytime at Yoyogi village is also nice as there are many interesting nature-oriented events or workshops.

Café opens at 9:00am. Morning coffee breathing the fresh air of the village is recommended.




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