Yoshinoya, one of the famous Gyudon restaurants

Yoshinoya is one a fast-food chain restaurants. Probably most of the Japanese know that Yoshinoya serves mainly beef bowls (“Gyudon.”)  And, maybe many know that Yoshinoya now has overseas outlets in Asia and USA. Yet, how many of them know that it has been more than 110 years since it was founded?

Yoshinoya started its long history from Nihonbashi Fish Market, Tokyo in 1899 for people who worked there. Since then, Yoshinoya has valued and pursued “tasty, low-price, and quick.” This values have been favorably received by many people. Their primary product of Gyudon itself that exemplifies Yoshinoya’s values has gained popularity across Japan. The incident that Yoshinoya temporarily stopped serving beef bowls due to the US beef import restrictions revealed existence of persistent fans of their beef bowls.

According to Yoshinoya, while they keep their unchanging values of “tasty, low-price, and quick,” they have never stopped improving their business models. For example, Yoshinoya has mobile food catering trucks called “Orange Dream” in their corporate color of orange that provide beef bowls hot from the pan. For another example of a new business model, do you know “Yoshinomi” instead of Yoshinoya?  (By the way, “nomi” means “to drink” in Japanese.)  Recently, they offer a new use of Yoshinoya as a place to have a few quick drinks that is called “Yoshinomi” at some of their branches. Now, they are not just a fast-food restaurant, but are they “fast-drink” and fast-food bar & restaurant. “Yoshinomi” has also gained popularity now.

Why not try the fast-food restaurant or fast-drink bar with over 110 history when in Japan.  It would be another unique experience, wouldn’t it?

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