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Yomiurland is a theme park located in the outskirts of Tokyo prefecture. As a matter of fact, Yoimuri is a Japanese News and Media company well known for its mighty baseball team called the Yomiuri Giants. Yomuiriland can be accesed by taking the Keio main line to Keio-Yomiuri-land station or by taking the Odakyu main line to Yomiuriland-mae station. Both trains pass Shinjyuku station, making it easy to access the theme park from central Tokyo. A one day passport costs 4000 yen for adults and 3000 yen for children. Inside the theme park there is a swimming pool available for use if you purchase the pool admission ticket for 700 yen with a one day passport. Moreover, if you enter the Yomiuriland website, you can get access to a 200 yen off coupon for cheaper entrance tickets.

yomiuriland2At Yomiuriland, there are 23 attractions and rides you can enjoy. The most popular attraction in Yomiuriland is the rollercoaster rides called Bandit and Loop coaster MOMOnGa. Bandit is a typical long roller coaster just like in many other theme parks whereas the Loop coaster MOMOnGA requires passengers to stand up during the ride.

The theme park itself is located in a rural area, so the atmosphere is surrounded in lots of green. It is very contrasting to other major theme parks like Disney land, where the surrounding atmosphere is artificially created. If you are taking your family to the theme park, it is also recommended to have a barbeque! (Available during the summer). A barbeque set can be purchased for 1800 yen for children, and 2600 yen for adults. However, you must make a reservation beforehand in order to have the barbeque. Finally, the opening hours of the theme park are from 10 am ~ 5 pm on weekdays and 10 am ~ 6 pm on Weekends.

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