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In the quiet residential area of Setagaya, about 7 minutes’ walk from Yoga station, there is a modern dining restaurant called ‘Yoga Club’. The restaurant is next to the tennis court, and the sunlight coming in from the windows lightens up the whole space. Furniture of Nordic region is arranged inside the restaurant, and it is of relaxed atmosphere.

In the restaurant, there is a salon space where you can relax, a dining space where you can watch TV, and the terrace space. Since there is a big park called Kinuta Park near this restaurant which is good for walking with the dog, many people visit here after their walk with their dogs. You can take your meal with your dog in the dining space and the terrace space.

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There are a variety of menus so that you can select different dishes each time you visit. The recommendations using ingredients of the season is written on the board in the restaurant. One of the specialty is ‘Special Omelette Rice’. The harmony of the half-cooked melting egg, ketchup-flavored rice and demi-glace sauce will create a wonderful taste. At lunch time on weekdays, you can have drinks and soup as much as you want.

At dinner time, you can enjoy appetizers, side dishes, pizzas and spaghetti which go well with wine and other drinks. You should better also order the restaurant’s original bread using natural yeast and other highly-selected ingredients.

It is open in the morning on weekends and holidays, so it may be nice to take a walk in the morning air, and drop by to have a nice breakfast at a cozy restaurant.

If you want to have a meal at a quiet, relaxed restaurant not so near the station, you may be pleased for the nice food and atmosphere of Yoga Club.

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