YANAKA GINZA Shopping Street

YANAKA GINZA Shopping Street

This street called “YANAKA GINZA” is a traditional famous street where many people from many parts of Japan visit every seasons. It has many attractive places for tourists and you can make good memories to feel atmosphere of this zone. I’ll recommend you to enjoy Japanese things If you visit Tokyo!!


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There are some delicious food which are liked eating as side dishes by Japanese people . Especially, fried food is very popular to Japanese people because they often eat them as dinner. These food which are cooked here are delicious! try some If you visit!!

For example, It is a fried cake of minced meat called “Menchikatsu”. It’s like mixed croquett and hamburg steak. it’s very juicy! you should try it with you partner!


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Next, you also can enjoy eating “Ikayaki” which is a kind of unsweeted pancake with squid. It’s like Okonomiyaki which is popular in Osaka , Do you know Okonomiyaki? Both Okonomiyaki and Ikayaki are very good snack!

And have good time to enjoy eating another traditional Japanese food there! Also, you can enjoy seeing many Japanese traditional sceneries like old houses. It is very interesting for you to look for such traditional Japanese old house, I think.

Many Cats around YANAKA GINZA shopping street

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Do you know the lucky charms of YANAKA? Actually, there are many cats around there. they are loved by inhabitants in there. These cats are very friendly to humans. And very lovely. they stay everywhere around there!!

YANAKA GINZA street is a warm place, where has a lot of Japanese traditional things. Many Japanese also like visit there and visit there many times. Lets have time to feel it there !!

How to go to YANAKA GINZA shopping street

You need to take JR line named Yamanote Line. Then you need to get off at Nippori station. And then, walk there for about 5 minutes .

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