Yamashita Park

yamashita park
Yamashita Park is located in Yokohama. (Motomachi-station via Minatomirai/ Tokyu Toyoko line) Yamashita Park is a long and flat rectangular park opened for the public. It is contrasting compared with the busier city of Tokyo, as there is more of rural atmosphere. The amazing thing is that the park is located right in front of Yokohama bay, so you can sit down on the bench to make yourself all relaxed. It is also a great place to chill to read books. You will find yourself reading for hours as you are feeling the breeze coming from the ocean.

yamashita parkInside the park, there are flowers planted everywhere and it feels as if you are in a middle of a never ending garden. Something which is unusual to see or find , in a crowded city like Tokyo. A highly recommended spot for a picnic! Toilets are also available at several locations in the park.

If you become thirsty or hungry, then there are restaurants, cafes and shops available along the other side of the road next to the park. Having lunch in front of the park with great scenery might also be an option during a sunny day. If you want to have a picnic instead, then it might be best for you to buy lunch at a near-by convenience store.

In the evening, you can enjoy the lightings coming from the city of Yokohama. There is a famous bridge in Yokohama called Bay bridge located a few km away from the park, and can clearly be seen during the day and night with LED lightings. Ships and Ferry’s coming from overseas can also be seen during the day and night, and you will be amazed to see ships that and long in size with people waving towards the people in the park.

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