About 3 minutes’ walk from Hachioji station or 5 minutes’ walk from Keio Hachioji station, there is a yakitori dining restaurant called ‘Wainya’. ‘Yakitori’ is a Japanese style grilled chicken on a skewer and is popular among many people for its convenience that you can pick up the skewer and eat with one hand and hold your drink glass in the other hand.


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The wooden tables and chairs make the relaxing atmosphere, and the whole space is filled with the grilled chicken by charcoal. They use only fresh meat of the branded chicken and grill the meat carefully with special charcoal, and therefore you can enjoy the crispy outside and the gravy of the chicken once you take a bite.

One of the recommended menu is the ‘white liver’ which is the liver of the chicken that has been specially fattened, just like foie gras. It is of rich taste and buttery which will melt in your mouth, and it is recommendable also for people who don’t like normal liver.

Most yakitori restaurants have many kinds of beer, but ‘Wainya’ suggests the new style of the combination of yakitori and wine. They select the best wine from Italy, France, Spain and Argentina which goes well with yakitori. There is also wine of the day, and you can drink wine in a reasonable price. You will be surprised that Japanese style yakitori matches with foreign wine!!

‘Bagna càuda of 10 kinds of colorful vegetables’ is another thing you may want to order. Some vegetables are not just raw but either grilled or pickled and you can eat with the balsamic vinegar or basil sauce on the plate besides Bagna càuda sauce.

If you feel like eating yakitori at a nice cozy restaurant instead of noisy, smoky tavern, visit Wainya and you can enjoy both yakitori and wine!!

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