VR ZONE Shinjuku

“VR ZONE SHINJUKU” is the largest domestic VR entertainment facility in Japan, which is lovated in Kabukicho area. There are 16 kinds of attractive activities. You can experience the world of the work such as the thrill flying in the sky with man power plane and the fear attacked by the dinosaurus that stimulate the five senses to the utmost.

The VR activities that can be experienced are divided into “RED”, “BLUE”, “YELLOW”, and “GREEN”, respectively, and can be experienced with the same color tickets. “1 day 4 ticket set” sold at 4,400 yen (tax included) has entrance tickets and one ticket of each color. In addition to this, if you want to experience new activities separately, you can purchase a separate ticket (1,200 yen) on the same day, but please be careful as the tickets on that day may not be sold due to the congestion situation.

official site: https://vrzone-pic.com/en/


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