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There is a unique bar called ‘Vowz (bonze, monk) bar‘ in Yotsuya, Tokyo. The owner of the bar is monk, who belong to the True Pure Land Buddhism, opened in September 2000. In this bar staff are monk too, wearing monk outfit there.

Not only monk whose belief is True Pure Land Buddhism work here, but also monk whose belief is other religion are here too. Everyday short Buddhist memorial service are held and exempla are offered. You can have conversation with monks and they can give advice on your trouble of your life. They also can do fortune-telling for you.

Many business men and women visit here after work. Sometimes people who live far from Tokyo come here too. Also many foreigner visit here as it is widely reported by overseas medias.

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You can have nice original drinks here named like ‘Ikkyu(famous monk’s name who liked riddle)’, ‘kurikuri-bozu (close crop hair cut monk)’ ,’Saihou-joudo (the Pure Land in the West)’. The visitors said ‘It is interesting to talk with monk, the impression of Buddhism was serious but today’s experience changed.’

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