Near the Mizonokuchi station, after about three minutes’ walk, you can find a resort dining restaurant called ‘Vino’ in front of the back entrance of Musashi Bowl bowling alley. When you walk into the restaurant in the first floor of the basement, the relaxing space in the Southern Europe style makes you feel cozy. There is a big 100 inch projector to put on your own movie on the screen which is useful in parties, and they also show soccer or baseball games on normal days.

They serve dishes which use plenty of fresh vegetables and many kinds of spaghetti which all go well with alcohol. There are many kinds of main dishes such as Italian and Asian food, seasonal menus, appetizers and also desserts. You can also select course menus which serve stylish creative dishes that suit to woman’s taste, so you can often see groups only of women enjoying eating, drinking and taking continuously.



As the name of the restaurant suggests, they have about 30 kinds of red and white wine all preserved in the wine cellar properly, and you can drink wine of the best condition anytime. There are also wine of reasonable price, so you can ask the servers if you cannot decide what to drink. Of course, there are also cocktails, whisky, Japanese sake and shochu, so any person can enjoy drinking in the relaxed atmosphere even if they cannot drink wine.

On special occasions such as someone’s birthday or farewell and welcome party, they will prepare a whole cake with message plate on it if you tell the staff and reserve it beforehand using the coupon in the website.

If you want to take your time having a meal with your friends in a nice resort dining or have fun on special parties, visit ‘Vino’ to have a wonderful experience!!

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