Ueno Onshi Park Tour

If you feel tired about crowded people or noisy traffic gym in Tokyo, why don’t you take a walk in a wide & quiet park ??

Ueno onshi park is located  West side of JR Ueno station and you can see Japanese beautiful green views and learn about Japanese history.

I can guide you in the typical order of walking so  please take a look at the following !


JR Ueno station Shinobazu exit

⇊ 2 minutes

Saigou Takamori Statue

Ueno Onshi Park
This is a statue of Saigou Takamori, one of the greatest senior government officials in Meiji period.

⇊ 9 minutes

Sinobazu pond

Sinobazu pond in ueno
This pond is a natural pond covered with lotuses and famous for dating spot.

⇊ 3 minutes

Kiyomizu Kan non do

Kiyomizu Kan non do
This temple was built in 1631 and imitated Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto. It is spicified as a important cultural property.

⇊ 3 minutes

Ueno daibutsu

This face is Daibutsu, a symbol of Budda. Many students who want to pass an entrance exam or want to get a job come there to pray to make their wish come true.

⇊ 6 minutes

Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo National Museum
This is one of the largest art museums in Japan.

⇊ 7 minutes

GOAL !!!!!!!


6 Tokugawa generals rest in the grave in this temple.

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There are some volunteer guides who live in Ueno so when you want to visit there, why don’t you ask them guide you ? Official website : ( Japanese )http://www.taitouboragai.com/

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