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About 8 minutes’ walk from Akabane station, there is a Udon (Japanese wheat noodle) restaurant called “Sumita” which you can find after you walk through the shopping arcade.

You can enjoy Sanuki Udon which is the Udon noodles produced in Kagawa prefecture and other typical Japanese food such as “tempura” and “oden (Japanese hotchpotch)”. The store owner has trained at Kagawa, and many people visit to eat the handmade noodles. The shiny, semi-transparent noodles have enough elasticity which is not too hard or too soft, and keep its flavor and texture until you finish eating even if you eat slowly.

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The most popular menu is “Kashiwa Oroshi Bukkake Udon”. The soft chicken tempuras, grated radish, green onion, laver and sesame are on top of the bowl of Udon, and you can either choose hot or cold soup. The chicken tempura is juicy and well seasoned, and the noodles and the soup of light taste are all well mixed together to create a nice harmony. You could feel the smoothness of the noodles in hot soup, and enjoy the elasticity further in cold soup.

While you are waiting for the Udon which may take quite a long time, we suggest you to order oden. Egg, Japanese radish, and several other ingredients are stewed in Japanese broth of soy sauce taste, and the broth is well soaked in each ingredients. They are delicious enough that it could be served at Oden restaurants. Many people enjoy eating Oden or tempura and drinking Japanese sake before eating Udon.

Since “Sumita” is one of the famous restaurant in Akabane and is always crowded, Udon may be sold out before it actually closes. Therefore, it is better to visit at least 1 hour before the restaurant closes. If you want to eat nice Udon and Oden, visit “Sumita”.

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