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If you would like to try “ultimate” Udon, Shin in Shinjukuis recommended. Shin is very small store which can only serve about 10 customers. The tiny wooden entrance is cool with white store curtain and small lamp. It is located near Space Zero, 10 minutes walk from south exit of Shinjuku station, 2 block from Kosyukaido.

Their Udon is a hand-made one which is made fresh in-house, as soon as orders are placed. Udon has never been fresher eating this way. Fabulous Udon consisted of great noodle and broth. Their Udon is sensitively cooked like an art.

Aside from being fresh, the noodles have an unforgettable texture with slightly salty taste. It is neither too starchy nor too soft when you slurp. The broth is a mixture of Japanese horse mackerel, Japanese seaweed, soy sauce and sweet cooking rice wine and more. The broth here taste more like sweet compare to the usual Udon broth.

Every single ingredient in the Udon is carefully selected and you can tell this from zen like atmosphere of the store. The menu is written in Japanese but you understand what you want as it come with beautifully taken pictures. As well as other Udon stores, you can create your Udon bowl. You can choose hot Udon or cold Udon.

Also here is a selection of Zaru Udon, Kake Udon and Bukkake Udon.

Zaru Udon is a boiled Udon on the plate without broth. Broth comes separately from Udon. This is the best way to enjoy the texture of the noodle.

Kake Udon is a boiled Udon in bowl with broth. You can feel that Udon is soft but can enjoy the changing of the texture and taste as time goes by.

Bukkake Udon is a boiled Udon in bowl soaked in a little bit broth. This is the middle of Zaru and Kake.

After you choose the Udon, you can add your own choice of toppings such as Tempura, grated radish and beef.

Basic info

Name Shin
Opening Hours Sunday – Thursday
11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Friday – Saturday
11:00 am – 0:00 pm

Access Shinjuku Station
Yoyogi Station
What’s nearby Yoyogi Village (5 minutes walk)
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