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The most common staple food in Japan is rice, but many people like Udon (Japanese wheat noodle) as well. The Udon culture is spread all over Japan, and there is one Udon restaurant where you can eat the best “Sanuki Udon” in Tokyo, which is one of the three major Udon in Japan. This restaurant is called “Maruka” which is about 4 minutes’ walk from Jinbocho station.

Sanuki Udon is the kind of Udon noodles which is produced in Kagawa prefecture, and it is famous for its thick and smooth texture with enough elasticity. The owner of this restaurant has trained at a famous Udon restaurant in Kagawa and is second to nobody in making the best Udon.

udon maruka jinbocho tokyo

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If it is the first time to visit “Maruka”, we recommend you to order hot Udon instead of cold Udon. The noodles in the hot soup is really smooth as silk, and have moderate elasticity and strength. The soup broth using dried small sardines is of light flavor but can enjoy its rich taste which matches with the noodles.

You can add grated ginger and bits of fried tempura batter on the table, or order soft-boiled egg using the fine-selected egg from Kagawa prefecture as an additional topping. Tempura is also delicious, and “Kashiwa-ten” (tempura of chicken) is one of the popular menus in this restaurant which is juicy and of reasonable price. For tempura, you can eat with the soy sauce on the table, which you will notice the delicious taste of the high-quality soy sauce that is different from the one served at other restaurants.

Since it is a famous restaurant, many people make a long line for waiting, but it is worth waiting to eat the fine Udon. Try the best Udon at “Maruka”, and you will feel that you are eating the Udon at Kagawa prefecture!!

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