traditional Japanese items in Kagurazaka

traditional Japanese  items in Kagurazaka

I like to hang around shops and buy fancy daily nessesaries like a towel, a glass, etc…I especially prefer traditional style ones.

Kagurazaka is a town that used to prosper in the Meiji period and has many  remains of old houses and steeps along the street.


There many traditional craftsmen live and keep the Japanese tradition alive.


Pair glasses 5700 yen ( Shop Yamashita Shiki Ten Kagurazaka5-13 / open 10:30 am-7pm( Sunday, Holidays 1pm-6pm / MAP )

These are so beautiful ! The contrast between red and black is interesting to me.


reversible book cover 3150 yen ( shop:Sada[貞]Kagurazaka6-58 / open:12:30pm-8pm / MAP )

These design looks so traditional ! Each one is the only one in the world.


Geta 18000 yen ( Shop Sukeroku[助六] Kagurazaka3-6 / open:10:30am-8pm / MAP )

Geta, Japanese traditional shoes, is hard to get used to wear.  This shop makes custom-made Geta, so I think it is so easy to wear.

There are so many traditional crafts in Kagurazaka so why don’t you take a look at them ??

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