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Active3You probably have stiff shoulders, back pain and knee pain that have never been healed even you go to the hospital, chiropractic and massage. TPA cure Active Life is a manipulative treatment salon in Akasaka, conveniently located within 10 minutes walk from Akasaka Staiton.

The salon is owned by a retired body builder Sasaki-san, specialist of the muscle. Different from usual method, she focuses on sacral bone using qigong (split cultivation) to seek the effective treatment.

Active2The treatment starts by loosen frozen muscle of the body using titanium stick and this step is not included usual chiropractic treatment. It is important to do this treatment as it makes the effect of the following manipulative treatment stronger.

Next step is the manipulative treatment which correct the torsion of joint to improve the body.
This treatment is indeed painful but it is incredibly effective empowering the human body to bring out its normal condition. After initial treatment, you’ll have an Active1unusual symptom which is a diversion sign that your body start improving. This sign doesn’t mean that your condition get worsened.

The fee is 8,000 yen (tax exclusive price) for 90 minutes treatment. The salon has Hawaiian themed relaxing atmosphere and cute dog welcomes you.
If you like sports, this salon is highly recommended as Sasaki-san enjoys surfing, sailing and jogging, she knows how muscles work for certain action well so that she can give you an advice on how to improve sports performance.

After the treatment, Japanese cake and tea are served to heal yourself.

Reservation can be made on internet.
Please send a message with preferred date and time to below.
Available slot can be checked below.

Open hour Monday to Saturday
9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Closed Sunday
English Functional spoken English is useable.
What’s nearby Akasaka BLITZ (5 minutes walk)
Hikawa shrine (15 minutes walk)

As you know, Tokyo has a huge market of body care, you can see the advertising displays for massage, chiropractic, manipulative treatment, and acupuncture etc… some of them are light treatment for general symptom, but if you have serious symptom, this salon is recommended.

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