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Torindo Ueno―You’ll See the Best taiyaki Ever!

Have you guys heard taiyakitaiyaki literally means “baked sea bream”, but it’s actually a Japanese sweets with the fish shape. It’s quite popular for Japanese people, and they enjoy it mainly in the festival because taiyaki is usually served by stands in the fest.

So taiyaki isn’t recognized as a luxurious stuff in many cases. However, “Torindo Ueno” sells taiyaki that can break down that bias. taiyaki of Torindo Ueno is a bit expensive though the size is relatively small. The normal price of taiyaki is 100 yen or 200 yen at the stands of the festival, but that of Torindo is about 250 yen.

So what makes taiyaki of the store special? Normal taiyaki has a thick pancake and a little bean paste inside because it costs less. Opposite to that, Torindo Ueno produces taiyaki which has a thin skin and a rich bean paste inside, and this makes the store special. Many people buy taiyaki at this store even as a gift or a souvenir because it’s tasty and looks better.

It’s made in the factory which is next to the store, so you can enjoy a fresh and tasty taiyaki all the time. Besides taiyaki, many Japanese traditional sweets called “wagashi” are sold in Torindo Ueno. There is a cafe inside it, so you can enjoy wagashi with Japanese tea.

It’s a bit far from Ueno Station to the store, so it’s recommendable for you to take a taxi to get there. It deserves doing that to have nice wagashi including special taiyaki that Torindo serves.

Basic Info

Name Torindo Ueno
Opening Hours 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Address 1-5-7, Uenosakuragi, Taitou-ku, Tokyo
Access 20 minutes walk from Ueno Station
Food and Drinks Page

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