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As you may have already noticed, in Japan, there are countless numbers of izakaya’s in urban districts and near major stations. Izakaya’s are small places like restaurants where you can order plates of food with a large selection of alcohol beverages. Many businessmen use this place for refreshing after work.

In Tokyo, there is an Izakaya called Torikizoku, which mainly sells fried chicken and Yakitori. Yakitori is a type of grilled chicken, which is either salted or has been dipped in a special sauce. The pieces of chicken are all put onto 1 wooden stick as shown in the picture.

Torikizoku originated in Osaka (Kansai region) in the 80’s and gradually gained its popularity. By 2005, the first Torkizoku restaurant was opened in Tokyo and since then many stores opened throughout Tokyo. The reason for the popularity of the restaurant is because all foods and drinks are sold at 280 yen, including tax. Also, if you order a bowl of cabbage, you can ask for free refills as many times as you want, so its an all you can eat for the cabbage! The cabbage is served with sesame oil poured on top giving it a nice flavor!

torikizoku izakaya tokyoAt torikizoku, there are more than 30 types of yakitori to choose from, and they all taste great! It is also a great place to stop by whenever you feel like you want to have a break. There is no charge, and everything is for 280 yen!

For those that want to open a party at Torikizoku, it is recommended to make a reservation for a 28 tori party. If you book this party menu for more than 8 people, then you can have an all you can eat and drink party for only 2800 yen per person. Again, it is surprisingly reasonable!!

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