Toranomon Hills

toranomon hills tokyoOpened in 2014, Tokyo, Toranomon Hills is a skyscraper located in Minato-ku, Tokyo. It has 52 floors above the ground and 5 underground floors, and its 1st floor is completely devoted to a major highway going through the building. Its uniqueness does not end here; although the building is located in the middle of busy Tokyo city, visitors will be surprised to find a large green field and a garden house that are attached to the building, providing a sense of relaxed nature feeling.

Inside of the building is nothing but an ordinary; its 1st through 4th floors are packed with retail stores, café and restaurants offering variety of different types and flavors to suit each customer’s needs. International meeting venues are located on the 4th and 5th floor, and 6th through 35th floors are for various company offices, with the 37th floor dedicated to a spa and club for relaxation.  What’s more, the building also offers residential living space on the 37th through 46th floor, and in addition to that, there is a hotel called Unders Tokyo on the 47th to 52th floor of the building. Throughout the entire building, various modern arts are displayed, entertaining the visitors and residents.

Toranomon Hills is easily accessed by train; various train stations are within the walking distance to the building. What’s more, there is a plan to build a new train station that would be directly connected to the building, which would provide the ultimate ease in getting there in the future.

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