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tokyo sushi academy


Tokyo Sushi Academy – A University of Sushi

tokyo sushi academy-2Making sushi is almost an art. It requires lots of effort, lots of time under “senpai“, and how to make a delicious sushi doesn’t seem to have a goal. And the way is almost a secret. So is it impossible to get the ability to make sushi just like an amazing cook? Well, actually there’s a chance.
Tokyo Sushi Academy will offer you a great chance to be a nice sushi cook―itamae.

Tokyo Sushi Academy is only the place in the world that you can get the know-how of making sushi systematically. It produces so many itamaes, and this surprises many people in Japan because it broke the myth. It is believed that making sushi requires at least 10 years of effort, and becoming a respectable itamae is so hard. Many people left the way to be a sushi chef before achieving their goal, and many traditional sushi restaurants were forced to close because no one could succeeded the skill of the itamae.

But you can get the skill of making decent sushi for 60 days or so in Tokyo Sushi Academy.
It has several courses, so it’ll be fine if you’re willing to use the skill in home. It also has evening classes, so it’ll be OK if you work in Japan or you can’t spare time in the day for some reasons.

If you plan to stay Japan for a long time and are interested in sushi, Tokyo Sushi Academy will be one of the best choices to make.

Basic Info

Name Tokyo Sushi Academy
Address 8-2-5. Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 81-3-3362-1755

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