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Have you ever wondered where to take your kids during summer vacation? Tokyo Summerland might be the answer to your question. Tokyo Summerland is a theme park with a large indoor swimming pool with some rides placed outside of the area.

tokyo summer land


You may have seen some of the most surprising videos of the swimming pool in Tokyo Summerland where the swimming pool was packed with so many people that it is almost impossible to get your way around! If you plan to take your children to this popular theme park, it is highly recommended to go before the summer holidays begin for Japanese school children (Usually starts from mid July till the end of August) to avoid a crowded swimming pool!

The location of Tokyo Summerland is in western Tokyo, and can be accessed by taking either the JR or the Keio main line. A bus ride is also required from the closest station.

The most popular swimming pool is the Cobalt Beach where waves of height 70 cm are artificially generated every hour. The swimming pool itself is only 80 cm deep, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for children as long as they are accompanied by adults. Besides, many adults will be there as well, so there are no worries when it comes to safety!!

The opening hours of Tokyo Summerland are usually from 10 am ~ 17 pm, however depending on the month there are closed days. During July, August and September, the theme park is open every day. The entrance fee for adults is 3500 yen and 2000 yen for other seasons (2500 yen for children during the summer, 1000 yen for other seasons). Be sure to check for a coupon for the entrance ticket, which can be printed out from the Tokyo Summerland website! Just a note, tattoos are not allowed in the theme park since tattoos in Japan are still considered as crime related symbols, so please be careful!

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