Tokyo Stock Exchange

Why don’t you feel Abenomics?

The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) has been operating since 1878, and today it is the world’s third-largest capital market in the world. TSE is located in Kabuto cho in Chuo ward which is one of the world’s biggest financial district with many banks and security firms.

Walking the busy street from Kayabacyo station for 5 minutes, you will see an enormous modern designed building. TSE was rebuild in 1988 so we have no chance to see its old external view.

(Bank of Japan which is also located in Kabuto cho remains as when it was built in 1890, modeled after the National Bank of Belgium)

Though the trading floor was closed in 1999 as computer tradings took all of the old fashioned over-the-counter trading activities’ place, there are still many things to see in TSE.

You can walk through the visitors galleries on your own with an English-language audio guide, or inquire about the daily 40-minute guided English-language tour, with video presentation (reservations required).

Like almost all Japanese tours, with an educational video telling us the basics about how stocks work. Very easy to understand owing to the cute official mascot.This is a good introduction to economies.

Observation tour is provided for free, from 9:00am to 4:30 pm (exclude weekend and holiday).

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