Tokyo Solamachi

Tokyo Solamachi is a huge shopping and entertainment complex located right underneath the world’s famous Tokyo Skytree landmark in Sumida district of Tokyo, and one of the largest facilities in Tokyo SKYTREE TOWN, which also features aquarium, planetarium and business offices.

This complex has over 300 retail stores and restaurants, so many of which would offer unique Japanese cultures and experiences that you would not encounter at any other places.

Right above the subway station is Solamachi Shotengai Shopping District, where you can browse 35 different stores and café, much like shitamachi old town from edo period. 2nd and 3rd floors house many fashion brand shops and specialty stores, and also a food marché where you can shop fresh produce and fruits.

As a visitor, you should definitely stop by at East Yard 4F, where you can browse through the huge selection of souvenirs that perfectly represent Japanese cultures, both old and new.

Located on East Yard 5th floor, Japan Experience Zone is a must-see for visitors as well. In this area, you can enjoy the hands-on experience to learn about Japan and its history and culture.

The restaurant located on the 30 & 31st floors of the building provide customers a sophisticated dining experience with outstanding view of Tokyo. In addition to that, 6th and 7th floors, called Solamachi Dining, are filled with so many varieties of restaurants that would satisfy any visitors. If you enjoy the festival-like atmosphere, Solamachi Tabe-Terrace food court on the 3rd floor would be the perfect place to try various local and international food.

Tokyo Solamachi is open from 10 am to 9 pm, and restaurants floors are normally open from 11 am until 11 pm. It can be accessed easily from Tokyo Skytree Train Station or Oshiage Station. There are also direct buses and shuttles from nearby locations such as Tokyo Station, Disney Resort, and Haneda Airport.

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