Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree is now a famous landmark in Tokyo, the 2nd highest tower in the world.
The height of the tower is 634m, which means MUSASHI in Japanese, the old name of Tokyo.

Also, this tower created a little town around it having Tokyo Solamachi, Sumida Aquarium, Tokyo Skytree East Tower and Planetarium. In Tokyo Soramachi, there are 312 stores, restaurants and cafes.

It must be fun to go for shopping around there, as those stores got many things with Japanese taste. And this place is very close to Asakusa, very famous place for sight-seeing, so you can enjoy those two places in a day.

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  1. meg says:

    If you are planning to visit Tokyo, the Tokyo Sky Tree Tower is the MUST.You can see the great landscape from the lookout, also can find good souvenirs and tasty foods in the buildings all around.

  2. Masayo says:

    Recently Tokyo Sky Tree is the most popular spot in Tokyo. You will be surprised how tall it is and building techniques of Japan.

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