Tokyo Ramen Street

There is a fantastic place in Tokyo Station for ramen lovers where is called Tokyo Ramen Street. This street is providing range of Tokyo’s most popular ramen restaurants. It firstly started with 4 ramen restaurants in 2009 including Rokurin-Sha which was widely-known for always having long queue, and Hirugao, Ramen Mutsumiya and Keisuke Kitanosho.

Keisuke Kitanosho

In 2011, Tokyo Ramen Street was renewed adding 4 more famous restaurants such as Tokyo Station Ikaruga, Honda, Junk Garage, and Menya Shichisai/Tokyo Edoama, and then in 2013, 3 more restaurants having much originality took part in such as Tokyo-Tanmen Tonari, Sendai-Gyutan-Negishio-Ramen Kizo, and Tonkotsu-Ramen Oreshiki Jun.


After closing business of two restaurants of them, it has been renovated again and their latest renewal opening has just done on June 18, 2015 with 2 more new restaurants which are Soranoiro Nippon and Chiyogami. Soranoiro Nippon features healthy ‘Vege Soba’ ramen which is using organic vegetables in their soup and noodles. Chiyogami as a second brand of Ikaruga, offers high quality classic Tokyo ramen.

Each restaurant has original flavor and own style of ramen. For example, while Rokurin-Sha is serving Tsukemen (dipping ramen) with extremely thick noodles and very rich soup, Kizo is offering Gyutan Negishio Ramen topping beef tongue in salt flavored soup with aroma of sesame oil. Tokyo Ramen Street is the place that the visitors can explore famous Japanese tastes all in one place.

It is located on the basement floor of First Avenue Tokyo Station. As going through JR Tokyo Station Yaesu Underground Central Exit, turn right and walk 3 minutes, then you will find the Tokyo Ramen Street.

The restaurants open daily, working hours may vary depending on each restaurant.

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