Tokyo Opera City

Tokyo Opera City is located just one station from Shinjuku taking Keio New Line. In total contrast to Shinjuku which is busy, disorganized (in a good way), and commercial area Opera City is culturally-oriented building in Hatsdai.

tokyo opera city

The Giant © Mapple

Taking an escalator from underground train station to Opera City, firstly you see the giant that is a work by Jonathan Borofsky standing up in the center of the open space. You see other stylish monuments in places such as elevator hall and in front of book stores.

Facility consisted of New National Theater, Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Oumi Music Hall, sky view restaurants and unique brand shops.

At New National Theatre, you can see opera, ballet, contemporary dance and drama etc.. Its lineup is full of must-see performances such as Swan Lake, The Lady of the Camelias, Tosca and more; throughout a year.

Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall and Oumi Music Hall is a place for wide range of performances such as brass band concert, concert for kids, opera with movie and more. There is also lunch time concert held for free for charge once a month.

View from the top of 54 story of building is breathtakingly gorgeous. You can select your favorite cuisine from Shushi, Chinese, Tempura and Yakiniku (Korean barbecue).

The selection of brand shop is excellent. For example, Place Opera offers elegant European life style. They are specialized in gobelins tapestries and Quimper plate from Bretagne, France. There are only 2 shops sell Quimper plate in Japan; one is Place Opera and the other is in Osaka.

Caris Seijo is specialty shop for herb with various range of products. Aside from these unique shops, there are convenience store, fast-food chain, coffee shop for your daily life.

From Opera City, you can go to Shinjuku Park Tower within 5 minutes walk which is also a spacious and fascinating place.


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