Tokyo Dome City

Have you ever wondered if there was a theme park in the middle of Tokyo? Well, actually there is one entertainment area called Tokyo Dome City. Tokyo Dome City is located near several stations. You can either take the Tokyo metro Marunouchi line to Korakuen station or take the JR Chuo local line to Suidobashi station.

Tokyo Dome

tokyo domeInside Tokyo Dome City, there is Tokyo Dome which is a home ground for the Yomiuri Giants baseball team, a theme park with roller coasters and Ferris wheels, shops and restaurants and a hotel. Besides baseball games being held in Tokyo Dome, many musical artists from overseas have used the area for a massive concert (Van Halen, Red hot chili peppers etc). If you have the chance, you should go and see a live concert in the heart of Tokyo!

Tokyo Dome City Attractions

tokyo dome city attractions


There is no entrance fee for entering Tokyo Dome City, but rides in the theme park will cost some money. If you only want to go on 1 or 2 rides, then you can purchase a ticket for each ride. However, if you plan to enjoy yourselves at the theme park a little longer, then it is recommended to purchase a One day pass for 3,900 yen or a Night Pass (available from 5 pm) for 2,900 yen. The operating hours of the theme park is from 10 am to 9 pm every day. You might also want to check out the videos for each ride on the Tokyo Dome City website.


tokyo dome city LaQua


Finally, you should also check out the shopping area called LaQua. At LaQua, there are around 70 shops and restaurants for you to enjoy, and a spa available for use at 2,634 yen (Extra late-night charge 1,944 yen from 1 am to 6 am is also available). It might be a great idea to use the spa, before you call it the end of the day!!

Spa LaQua

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