Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea is located in Maihama of Chiba prefecture. Tokyo DisneySea is almost the same as Hollywood Studios of Disney World in Florida. But the Disney Parade is different from Florida Disney World, but the parade name is the same as Frorida one, that is ”Fantasmic!!” Many disney characters play their roles using water screen and that is fantastic world. You can enjoy ” Fantasmic!!” of Japanese version.

Tokyo DisneySea is smaller than Florida’s one. You can ride all attractions in a day for that reasons. However,if the Disney Parks is crowded, you cannot ride many attractions. You have to make effective use of First Pass.

The most popular attraction is “Center Of The Earth”, which is roller coaster. Second, ”Magic Lamp Theater” which is 3D theater. They have a tremendous impact and once you ride those attractions, you must think you want to ride them again and again. Why don’t you enjoy DisneySea of Japanese version? You must have good memory.Tokyo DisneySea will teach you importance of having a dream.

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5 Responses

  1. Kiyo NY says:

    The night view is beautiful and so romantic. I think Disneysea is more for adult, especially couples, than family with small children.

  2. Naka says:

    These hinamatsuri mickey and minnie are adorable. I can imagine how crowded the tokyo disney land is. It is difficult to ride many atractions.

  3. meg says:

    You can drink alcohol at the Tokyo Disneysea. Kids as well as adults can enjoy this dream land.

  4. haramin says:

    The atmosphere in Disney sea is little different from Disneyland.

  5. Masayo says:

    You can meet “Duffy” only in Disneysea! He is very cute!
    Not only kids, but also adults can enjoy this park.

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