About 3 minutes’ walk from Ebisu station, there is a stylish Japanese restaurant called “Tokinoma” at the second floor of Conze Ebisu building. The white chairs and sofa seats in the center of the restaurant are separated by the glass partitions and create the sophisticated, stylish space. There are counter seats where you can have your meal watching the chefs cooking at the counter kitchen, and also several private rooms where you can enjoy eating and talking with your friends without minding other people around you.



At this restaurant, they serve nice Japanese dishes and Japanese sake. “Sea bream rice (Tai-meshi)” is cooked with the earthware pot after the order is made, and freshly-fried “Deep-fried fish balls (Satsuma-age)” and “Chicken shabu-shabu” which vegetables and slices of chicken are cooked in the matured chicken broth are some of the recommended menus. All menus use meat, fish and vegetables which is selected carefully, and cooked in the best way to taste its original flavor.

Since they do not want to compromise in cooking, they take enough time to cook and serve the delicious Japanese dishes. Of course, there are many kinds of alcohol which go well with the food. There are 60 kinds of Japanese sake which match with fresh fish and 80 kinds of shochu which match with meat dishes. You can also ask the sake taster or shochu adviser to find the best alcohol of your favor.

One of the special menu is to order sake as “mist style” which Japanese sake is poured over the glass with full of crushed ice. This is popular among people who are not so familiar with Japanese sake and women for its mild taste.

If you have enough time to enjoy the fine Japanese dishes and Japanese sake, we suggest you to visit “Tokinoma” and you can have a relaxed meal.

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