The Statue of Liberty in Tokyo

statue of liberty in tokyo

I was surprised when i saw the Stature of Liberty in Odaiba,Tokyo.
Of course this is one of the replicas and this is not so big as the real statue of liberty in N.Y. but, it is one of the sightseeing spot in Tokyo.

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4 Responses

  1. Sciencer says:

    It’s interesting the statue of liberty is also standing in Tokyo 🙂 I have a curiosity about the historical background why it stands here.

  2. haramin says:

    It’s quite interesting that we can see Statue of Liberty in Japan.

  3. moem says:

    What!? Why the Statue of Liberty is in Japan?

  4. Masayo says:

    I was very surprised when I see this statue in Odaiba. It was not as big as the statue of NY, and it is the same size of the statue of Paris.

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