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Origami Horses

Origami Silver Horse

Another beautifully made origami horse is here. “Silver” is probably added for the title because of the “silver ratio” sized paper. It is very detailed, and I especially like the face and mane area. Maybe this horse can gallop its way into your imagination.

Origami Silver Horse’s Details

Title Silver Horse
Created by Mr. Seishi Kasumi
Reference Origami tanteidan (detectives) convention folding ...

Origami Horse 2

Another beautiful origami animal is created by Mr. Hideo Komatsu.
This horse’s body figure is well balanced, and I think it shows the muscle very beautifully.
I especially like the horse’s face, mane and back legs. It looks very neat. This is definitely a delicate piece of art, but you’ll also feel the strength from this origami horse.

Origami Horse’s Details

Title Horse
Created by Mr. Hideo Koma...

Origami Pony

This pony is pretty hard to make, especially around the face and mane. However, the expression of the pony’s body shape is very well. The large head definitely makes it more like a pony, not a horse. This origami art is simply so sweet. I wish I could make something like this for my child.

Origami pony’s details

Title Pony
Created by Mr. Fumiaki Kawahata
Reference Origami tanteidan (detectives)...

Origami Pegasus

This Origami Pegasus looks fantastic, and very challenging! Only one craft paper is needed to make this Pegasus. The whole body is well balanced (wiring for the legs might be need to make it stand more steady). It is amazing that the origami creators could make this very detailed, yet exquisite piece of art from just one paper. It looks like it can fly away in any seconds!

Origami pegasus’s details


Origami Horse

The symbolic part of this origami horse is the mane. This horse is made out of one craft paper. The body itself is very detailed such as face, legs, and hooves. This horse reminds me of a horse from Greek Mythology or chess game. It is surely a beautiful piece of art.

Origami Horse’s details

Title Horse
Created by Mr. Issei Yoshino
Reference Issei Super Complex Origami (Origami House)
Paper u...