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Origami Dogs


Another unique and interesting piece of origami art is here. This time it is origami Dog in a house. I’ve seen couple origami dogs before, but I have never seen this kind. I think it is so sweet, and the dog house is very detailed. It is also very cool that the dog and the dog house are made out of just one paper. The folding diagram for this item might be pretty challenging.


Origami Doberman Pinscher

Another good looking dog is here. This time, it is a Origami Doberman Pinscher. It is amazing, and I like how it standing straight up. This makes the dong even more manly and strong. It must be very challenging to create this dog because four stars have given to the difficulty. It surely looks difficult, especially the sharp pointy face. However, it is still very cute.

Origami Doberman Pinscher’s Deta...

Origami Beagle

This origami Beagle is very sweet. The head seems a little bigger than the body part, but it brings more cuteness to it. This would be a nice origami dog to fold if you are a dog lover. It would also be good to make with other origami dogs to display. I think the body posture is just so cute as if the beagle is waiting for the owner to come back.

Origami Beagle’s Details

Title Beagle
Created by  ...

Origami Dog

The reference “Works of Hideo Komatsu” actually uses 24.0cm×24.0cm (9.4in×9.4in) paper, but smaller size paper (15.0cm×15.0cm or 5.9in×5.9in) is used for this Origami Dog. The flipping tail is very cute.
It reminds me of Japanese dog such as Shiba Inu(dog), or Akita Inu(dog).
The legs are stretching, and it makes the dog looks more active. This is still an another very well made, and detailed art.