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Origami Dinosaurs

Origami Baby Tyrannosaurus

This origami baby Tyrannosaurus looks just adorable. I think it would be much easier to make this baby Tyrannosaurus compared to the other origami Tyrannosaurus which is also created by Mr. Issei Yoshino. I like how it stands. This would be fun to make with kids. It would also be fun if you make it with the other origami Tyrannosaurus or dinosaurs.

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Origami Pteranodon

This origami pteranodon looks very cool. Pteranodon was always one of my favorite dinosaurs when I was a child. I think the wings look similar to the origami Crane. However, the head part looks great, and the body figure is very realistic. It looks like it will start flying any time. This might be something you can enjoy folding with kids.

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Title Pteranodon
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Origami Tyrannosaurus

Another fascinating origami dinosaur is here. This time, it is origami Tyrannosaurus (or T-Rex). The folding diagram for this item might be pretty challenging, but still, it looks well balanced and steady. The back legs are little bit different from each other so that it looks like it’s getting ready for hunting. It looks very powerful for sure.

Origami Tyrannosaurus’s Details

Title Tyrannosaurus

Origami Frill Necked Lizard

This Origami Frill Necked Lizard looks like very skilled, and challenging especially around the Frill neck and face. It would be very interesting to see how the creators make one paper into these complex shapes. It looks very close to a real one, and it looks like it’ll start running using only back legs like what it’s famous for. I wish I could make one, but I bet it’ll take a long time to complete.


Origami Triceratops

This Triceratops is another challenging origami art. Around the face especially looks hard to fold. However, the representation of this triceratops is created very well. This is simply a beautiful piece of art made out of just one paper. The origami dinosaurs are always fun to make. I wish I could make this for my daughter if I had more origami skills.

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Origami Lizard

This Origami Lizard is not only for display but also practical. The Lizard’s mouth is able to hold a memo paper. Bigger size paper will be needed if you would like to use it as an actual paper holder. This origami Lizard looks like the one from desert. Its body form is very interesting because it is well balanced. The two feet holds the whole body very good.

Origami Lizard’s Details

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