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Origami Boars

Origami Boar

This origami boar would be a great decoration for the Year of the Boar (Year of the boar is from the oriental zodiac). I feel more attached to the boar since I grew up in the country side. Boars are probably seen anywhere in the country sides. I think the boar’s tusk look great with the dark brown color body. It looks like it is pretty simple to make, so I would definitely like to try making it with my...

Origami Inoshishigami (The Divine Boar)

When I saw this Origami Inoshishigami, which means “The Dive Boar”, for the first time, it reminded me of the big boar from one of the famous movies from Studio Ghibli. The way this Origami boar stand gives it look more strong and steady. It looks very detailed, and the boar’s back part might be pretty challenging to fold. However, it’ll give you the satisfaction for sure if you could fold this art.