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Origami Birds

Origami Spring Dawn

I’m very interested in this origami spring dawn because the creator, Rokoangidou, was actually a temple priest who lived couple hundred years ago. He created so many origami patterns which people are still having fun folding. His origami cranes are registered as important intangible cultural asset by the city of Kuwana. I found it very interesting that the smaller cranes are actually underneath the big ...

Origami Rooster 2

This origami rooster is very cute, but it looks pretty simple to fold.
Only one star is given for the difficulty to, so it must be beginner friendly work. It might be simple, but it is still pretty detailed, and I figure the body figure looks great.

Origami Rooster’s Details

Title Rooster
Created by Mr. Hideo Komatsu
Reference Works of Hideo Komatsu (Origami House)
Paper used for this item 1 ...

Origami Horned Owl

This horned owl has an adorable body posture. The long ears look great, and eyes are very big. I also like it standing on the Perch. It is very cute. The Perch itself is actually from the same reference. It might be very nice if you put an eyeball for each eye part. This will surely be a cute item for people who loves owl.

Origami Horned Owl’s Details

Title Horned Owl
Created by Mr. Hideo Komatsu...

Origami Kingfisher

Kingfisher is a good fish hunter which lives around river, or lakes in entire part of Japan. The color of this bird is very gorgeous. There are four different kinds of body posture for this origami Kingfisher. The folding diagram represents how fast this bird can fly when it’s time for hunting. This is yet another beautiful origami birds for sure.

Title Kingfisher
Created by Mr. Gen Hagiwara

Origami Rooster

This origami Rooster looks very adorable, and it seems pretty easy to fold. The body figure is well balanced, and the tail especially looks very beautiful.
I like how the pointy legs and end of tail is holding the whole body so steady. The body leaning forward makes it more realistic, too.

Origami rooster’s details

Title Rooster
Created by Mr. Gen Hagiwara
Reference Origami tanteidan (detective...

Origami Little Bird 2

This origami birds is very adorable. It is a little bit difficult to make with the paper size listed down, but it is worth to make it. The bird looks like it made out of 2 papers, but it actually needs 1 both sides color origami paper. The cuddly little bird looks like it will sing beautifully or jump on your hand. The inflated tummy looks very cute, and it will make the origami bird looks more like a ...

Origami Little Bird

This bird looks very advanced and challenging. It must be very hard, and needs more technique to use a craft paper to make such a tiny piece of art. Same as the other “Origami Little Bird” which is created by the creator Hideo Komatsu, This Origami Little Bird is very cute, and it looks just like a real one. It is very interesting that a craft paper is used for many of the origami arts because I’ve nev...

How to Make an Origami Bird

how to make an origami bird (8)
Origami bird is one of the traditional and is quite easy to make. There are various kinds of origami birds, but we would like to introduce you how to make one of them.

Origami Bird Instructions

how to make an origami bird (11)
Start with your origami paper colored-side down.

how to make an origami bird (12)
Fold in half, then unfold

how to make an origami bird (14)
Fold one outside corner into the center.

how to make an origami bird (16)
Fold another into the center.
how to make an origami bird (18)
Fold the top triangle backwards.
how to make an origami bird (20)
Fold the corners of the paper toward the center, crease well, then open again.

how to make an origami bird (21)
Bring the highlighted corner up and o...

How to Make an Origami Crane

origami crane (2)
The origami crane is the most popular and well-known of all origami in Japan. most of all Japanese can fold it without seeing any instructions. We want to introduce you how to make an origami crane.

Origami Crane Instructions

origami crane (1)
You need a square paper to make an origami crane.

origami crane (32)
Fold the bottom corner of the paper to the top one.

origami crane (31)
Fold the left corner to the right one and make an small triangle.

origami crane (30)
Open one pocket and flatten to square.

origami crane (29)
Flip over the paper, open another pocket and flatten to sq...