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Origami Animals

Origami Rat 2

Another origami rat is here. It looks adorable just like the other origami rat which is made by the creator, Mr. Eric Joisel. Although it looks easy to fold this item, it might actually be little harder to make than you think. It is so sweet as if this rat came out from the fairy tales.

Origami Rat 2’s Details

Title Rat 2
Created by Mr. Ryan MacDonell
Reference Origami tanteidan(detectives) con...

Origami Skunk

This origami skunk looks very detailed and adorable. This whole body is made out of 1 origami paper, so it must be pretty challenging to make it by using both front and back side. There are some skunks around where I live, and I do think this skunk look pretty close to real skunk. It seems like it is getting ready to spray.

Origami Skunk’s Details

 Title Skunk
Created by Mr. Marc Kirschenbaum


Another unique and interesting piece of origami art is here. This time it is origami Dog in a house. I’ve seen couple origami dogs before, but I have never seen this kind. I think it is so sweet, and the dog house is very detailed. It is also very cool that the dog and the dog house are made out of just one paper. The folding diagram for this item might be pretty challenging.


Origami Silver Horse

Another beautifully made origami horse is here. “Silver” is probably added for the title because of the “silver ratio” sized paper. It is very detailed, and I especially like the face and mane area. Maybe this horse can gallop its way into your imagination.

Origami Silver Horse’s Details

Title Silver Horse
Created by Mr. Seishi Kasumi
Reference Origami tanteidan (detectives) convention folding ...

Origami Tea-Bag Elephant

This origami elephant is a very interesting piece of art because it is made out of a tea bag package instead of using normal origami paper. It looks very stylish and cute. It would be nice to make one while you’re drinking or waiting for tea. The paper is just right size to create this origami elephant. It is also very nice that it is a beginner friendly origami.

Origami Tea-Bag Elephant’s Details


Origami Pronghorn

This Origami Pronghorn is just an amazingly detailed piece of art. At first, I didn’t know anything about the animal “Pronghorn”. It is a dear-like mammal that lives around North America. Like I said before, the whole body looks very detailed. I especially likes around face and horns. It is also very interesting the way it stands because it is standing with tippy-toes. Four stars are given for the diff...

Origami Rooster 2

This origami rooster is very cute, but it looks pretty simple to fold.
Only one star is given for the difficulty to, so it must be beginner friendly work. It might be simple, but it is still pretty detailed, and I figure the body figure looks great.

Origami Rooster’s Details

Title Rooster
Created by Mr. Hideo Komatsu
Reference Works of Hideo Komatsu (Origami House)
Paper used for this item 1 ...

Origami Panda

I think Panda is always one of the popular animals in Japan. This origami panda is very sweet, and it looks very close to the real panda. The folding diagram for the body part is made very simple, so it is easier to fold once you finish folding the face part. I like the way the origami panda standing.
It looks very adorable, and of course, it is very detailed especially around the face.

Origami Panda’...

Origami Fox

The shapes of this origami fox’s face is different from the prior work which is also created by Mr. Hideo Komatsu. Although there are more processes to fold this fox, this one looks simpler compared to the other one. This will be a nice origami to fold and decorate around fall/autumn season. The body posture reminds me of a fox when he/she wants to play, or start jumping soon.

Origami Fox’s Details


Origami Rabbit

This rabbit could be one of my favorite origami animals because I simply love bunnies! The standing figure is very stable and adorable. I especially like around the pointy ears and white tail. I think that this would be a great Easter time decoration. The way it sits makes me feel it might just jump right off the table.

Origami Rabbit’s Details

Title Rabbit
Created by Mr. Hideo Komatsu