Tenkaippin – Ramen Noodle Chain in Japan

Tenkaippin is one of the many ramen noodle franchise shops in Japan. The history began with a man who, with few money and no prior experience in Kyoto, started this ramen business from a portable food stand. What made his business so successful was solely his passion for continuously pursuing the ramen flavor what would keep customers coming back for more.

It took 4 years of experiments after experiments to finally come up with the ramen that he considered as tenkaippin, meaning the absolute best in the world. The soup is mainly chicken broth flavor that is so rich and creamy but yet, with surprisingly refreshing aftertaste that you cannot experience at any other ramen shops.

Tenkaippin now has 236 stores in all over Japan and in Hawaii. The restaurant’s main menu is Kotteri (Rich) Ramen, but it also features Assari (Light) Ramen for those who are conscious about calorie intake, and even Kossari (a mix of both Rich and Light).  In addition, they also have popular side menus such as Gyoza (dumpling), Fried Rice, etc.

Furthermore, Tenkaippin also has a web store on its website, from where customers can place a mail order of the popular ramen noodles and enjoy the flavor at home.

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