Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum


Do you know Taro Okamoto? He is one of the famous artists in Japan. He made the Tower of the Sun for Japan World Exposition, Osaka 1970. In here, you can see his studio and his home. He lived with his family who is Kanoko Okamoto.

As soon as you enter in, you must feel his energetic power toward his art and his life. He made many kinds of art and sculpture in here. If you would like to see his studio and home, you can use the train which is Tokyo Metro. You get off the train at Omotesando station and you walk about 8 minutes.

Do you know his famous word? That is “Art is explosion”. He puts his blood into his art. Once you appreciate prominent his works, you must be very impressed by his dynamic power by “Tree of children”. Children are curious about everything and they watch adult behavior. They see through things. You must be fascinated by that works where the works is posted in here.

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3 Responses

  1. Miho Morisawa says:

    I’ve seen his famous work of ” the Tower of the sun” in Osaka. All of his works represent his passion towards art in general. I would love to visit his house and see more of his work!

  2. theout says:

    This is a great place to visit! I found his works quite cute.

  3. Naka says:

    He is a very famous person in Japan as an artist. I’ve seen some of his work and they are powerful. At this museum it looks great.

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