Tamagawa Asama Shrine

Tamagawa Asama shrine

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The Tamagawa Asama Shrine is a small shrine located in southern Tokyo, right next to Tamagawa River. In Japan, you find many shrines as you walk past the streets, but it is important to know that each shrine is built for a purpose. Every shrine will have a God (The Shinto religion of Japan believes that there is more than one existing God, unlike Christianity and Islam). This shrine is located only 5-10 minutes away from Tamagawa Station. Tamagawa Station can be reached by taking the Tokyu Toyoko Line from Shibuya Station, and should take you less than 30 minutes.

The God that is worshiped in this shrine is known to give a good luck charm for those that want to have a good relationship with your partner or for those that are looking for a new partner. Many girls are seen during new years to wish for a good relationship in the upcoming year. On a sunny and clear day, it is sometimes possible to see mount Fuji from the shrine, as it is located on a hilltop.

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For those that are looking for Japanese traditional souvenirs, it is recommended that you purchase the good luck charms that are sold in the shop. A good luck charm is usually priced at around 500 yen (prices will vary depending on the wish). It is recommended that you visit the shrine before dusk, when the shops are still open.

After visiting the shrine, it might be refreshing to have a small picnic right in front of Tamagawa River. It is great to feel the breeze coming from the riverside; something that cannot be experienced in the urban center of Tokyo!

Why not enjoy some Japanese culture in suburban Tokyo, instead of wondering about in the busy city district?

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