Takumi Shibuya Bunkamura-Dori

Takumi Shibuya bunkamura-Dori

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Soba Noodle Restaurant in Shibuya Tokyo

About 5 minutes’ walk from Shibuya station, on the way to Shibuya Bunkamura department store, there is a soba noodle (buckwheat) restaurant called “Takumi”. There are 4 sister stores in Tokyo, and “Takumi” in Shibuya is the only one that has no regular holidays and open until 4:00 am everyday.

At this restaurant, you can enjoy Japanese food such as “Hegi-soba” which is the specialty product of Niigata prefecture, fresh sashimi (sliced raw fish) and tempura. “Hegi-soba” includes seaweed which makes the soba noodle green, and it is popular for its elastic texture and the smoothness of passing through the throat. You cannot eat this fresh Hegi-soba in any other restaurant except “Takumi”. Since the soba noodle contains much mineral and healthy and is not a heavy meal, many people eat it as a dinner late at night or as the last dish of their meal.

The side dishes using fresh fish and vegetables are also delicious. One of the recommendation is “Giant deep-fried tofu (aburaage)”. Plenty of fresh green onion is in between the thin slices of fried tofu, and it is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

They also have a nice collection of alcohol, including Japanese sake from Niigata prefecture, sake of a superior brand from all over Japan, and also beer and shochu. The store manager has the license of sake adviser, so they take special care for providing dishes which go well with the sake. They will also advise you which alcohol to order depending on the food and also your preference on sake.

The restaurant is of relaxed atmosphere although it is located in the crowded Shibuya city, and all the staffs are polite and their service is nice, so you can take your time having a relaxed meal.

If you like to eat nice soba noodle in Shibuya, we suggest you to visit “Takumi”.

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