Takeshita Dori Street

takeshita dori harajuku tokyo

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Takeshita Dori is the one of the symbols of Tokyo’s Kawaii culture. Kawaii means cute or lovely.
You will find this narrow pedestrian-only street right across from the Takeshita Exit of Harajuku Station of JR Yamanote Line. It stretches to Meiji Dori and lines a variety of shops such as trendy boutiques, shops for secondhand clothing, cosplay costumes, souvenirs, toys, anime character goods, celebrity’s goods, pharmacies, convenience stores, a famous 100 yen shop (Daiso), restaurants, cafes and a lot more.

There are also tasty crepe stands and you will be surprised that they are offering such many choices of crepes. At entrance of the street, there is a popular Purikura shop which boasts some photo booths that prints out photos on stickers. It might be an good opportunity to experience Japan’s teen culture in this Purikura shop.

In Takeshita Dori, crowds of young people, students, and tourists are there all the time. Especially on weekend, it would be a little bit hard to walk without any struggle to stride along the street. However, it is worthwhile to visit there not only for shopping, but also for feeling the Kawaii culture such as seeing the people with unique and cute fashion walking along.

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  1. Hiro says:

    Walking through Takeshita street reminds me Japanese festival. The street is crowded with people who are looking for something cute.

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