Takano Fruits Parlor

Three minutes from the east entrance of Shinjuku station, there is a restaurant named ‘Takano Fruits Parlor’ where they serve finest fruits and many other high quality sweets using them.

It is a tearoom managed directly by ‘Shinjuku Takano,’ which is one of the long-established fruits stores. There are several sister stores, and among them, the one in Shinjuku is the largest and serves original desserts which is only served in this store.

Based on the tradition and the accumulated knowledge for over 120 years, they serve fruits itself and many desserts using fresh fruits of the best timing, best condition and the most suitable way to eat it.

The whole space is well lighted and pretty, and so many food samples of desserts which are recommended at that time is being displayed. They always prepare many seasonal fruit parfaits and assorted fruits using in season liberally. Each foodstuff is carefully chosen, cut and decorated by the specialists in fruits, which will give you amazement and emotion each time you take a mouthful of it.

They also serve three kinds of sandwiches so you can also visit at lunch time or dinner time and enjoy both main dish and dessert.

If you prefer to eat fruits as much as you like, you can also visit Takano Fruits Bar that is next to the Takano Fruits Parlor, which is a buffet style restaurant serving seasonal fruits, sweets and other food.

You can also buy fruits gifts or sweets at the first and second floor of the basement in the same building. The fruits gift of Shinjuku Takano is often chosen to be given to someone on special occasion for their high quality.

If you prefer to have a luxurious time eating delicious fruits and dessert, we hope you will have a nice time at Takano Fruits Parlor.

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