Things to do in Shibuya

Shibuya is popular as a youth hang-out and a center of fashion and culture. Outside of the station is the famous Hachiko bronze dog statue, which is also famous as a meeting spot.
There are many people Crossing at the diagonal crosswalks in front of the station. Shibuya 109, Seibu, Parco, and Tokyu department stores can be found here, and its Center-ga area has many restaurants and bars.
Shibuya Hikarie at the Stations east gate was opened in 2012 as a Shibuya landmark with a theater and Commercial facilities. The area around Hikarie is currently under development and will give Shibuya a new look in the future.
Around the station, you will find many movie theaters, theaters, live concert venues, and art museums to give Shibuya a Strong artistic feel.

Shibuya Area Guide