Things to do in Odaiba

Cannons were placed in Odaiba during the Edo Period to protect against foreign countries. This was called “daiba” in Japanese, and from this the name “Odaiba” was given to this area. In recent years, it has been developed as Tokyo Waterfront City, and events from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are planned to be held in the area.
Cross Rainbow Bridge and you will see Fuji Television’s impressive television Station, and there are many shopping centers and parks in the area too.
There are many facilities for the entire family to enjoy, such as Diver City with its life-size giant Gundam Statue, Palette Town with its giant Ferris Wheel inside, and Megaweb, where you can test drive Toyota cars.

Odaiba Area Guide

Tokyo Big Sight

Tokyo big sight is the biggest conventional halls in Japan located near Odaiba district in Tokyo.  Every day they open...