Things to do in Ikebukuro

There are department stores and places to eat and drink around Ikebukuro station, and many rail lines from Saitama Prefecture run into in here, Ikebukuro. Sunshine City from the east exit is well known as a massive complex with 60 floors and featuring an aquarium, observatory deck, planetarium, Namco Namja Town, and other amusement and shopping facilities.
The Toden passes near Sunshine City, So you can see what streetcars are like. From the West exit there is the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, and many theaters of all sizes around the area.
There are many places to eat and drink from the north exit, and a lot of people there at night. Recent years have seen more Chinese restaurants in the area, and it is slowly turning into a Chinatown.
The area is also a battleground for ramen noodles and conveyor belt Sushi (Kaitenzushi) restaurants, with patrons forming a line outside to get in many of them.

Ikebukuro Area Guide


Zapp is a long-established bar in Ikebukuro that is very famous among picky music lovers. You may be able to tell...