Sweets & Snacks in Takeshita Dori Street

Takeshita Dori Street is a symbolic place in Harajyuku Tokyo. You can get a variety of items that young people tend to prefer like accessories, clothes,  stationeries, sweets & snacks. Especially among them, I’m going to introduce about sweets & snacks because I love it the most.

Calbee +

harajuku Calbee +harajuku Calbee +

Calbee is a snack company that is popular among Japanese. You can enjoy original menu at this cafe like…. Poteliko (left) 240 yen / poteto chips & whipped cream & chocolate sause (right) 400 yen. If I visit there, I definitely order these  2 snacks. I especially want to try Poteliko that looks like a french fry.

Malion Crapes


A crape is a very popular sweets in the street and Malion crapes is a chain store that has been for more than 30 years there. No.1 menu is a banana chocolate whipped crape (400 yen)

Bakudan Tei


This shop serves ‘ Bakudanyaki ‘ that tastes like a mix of Okonomiyaki and Monjyayaki. The size is a baseball !

Why don’t you try them ?

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2 Responses

  1. Naka says:

    Looks yummy. I have been to Takeshita street, there were many teenagers and the fashion of them are interesting. Many shops have interesting fashon things and it was fun to see them.

  2. Masayo says:

    I love sweets, especially crapes!! Whenever I visit Takeshita street, I always eat them walking along street. There are many pretty shops in the street, you can enjoy just watching them.

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