Suzunari Yokocho

suzunari yokocho


Suzunari Yokocho is a tiny old alley which is located outside the city center in Shimokitawaza. This alley is annexed to two small theaters: ‘Suzunari Theatre’ and ‘Theatre 711’. Shimokitazawa is a famous town for its theater culture, and boasts many small theaters and live houses in a compact area.

Honda Kazuo is a pioneer of the theater culture of Shimokitazawa and his Honda Theater Group has several small theaters around Shimokitawaza South Exit Area. Among those avant-garde theaters in Shimokitazawa, Suzunari Theatre is the oldest one and the beginning of all the theater history there.

The building of Suzunari Yokocho used to be an apartment, but once actors started to use it as a rehearsal room, and now the space houses some bars and eateries on the first floor.

As above, Suzunari Yokocho is the origin of the theater culture of Shimokitazawa and its old fashioned atmosphere is worth feeling, but due to the land readjustment project in Shimokitazawa it will not be able to avoid a removal or closing the door in near future. A lot of theater fans and Honda Theater Group are strongly objecting this project, though.

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