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Ginza is famous for nice Sushi restaurants since it is near Tsukiji market where fresh fish is delivered. One of the best Sushi restaurant is “Sushi Ishijima” which is 5 minutes’ walk from Shintomicho station. There are counter seats at the first floor and table seats at the second floor. They serve high-selected fresh seafood cooked by high-skilled professionals, and you can enjoy the real taste of each ingredients.

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At dinner time, you can order course menus or order your favorite sashimi and sushi. Sashimi is dished up beautifully, and can feel the skilled technique of the chefs. Sushi is made with the best balance of fish and rice, and the chefs will also ask you whether they should change the amount of rice to enable you to eat it in one bite. The fresh fish is delivered from Tsukiji market, mainly the fish of the best season, and each fish on the hand-rolled sushi is glossy and has vivid colors. The sashimi and sushi are rather expensive, but they are so delicious that they are worth the price.

However, they also offer lunch menus on weekdays, and there is a sushi lunch set for only 1,500 yen!! About 10 kinds of sushi is made one by one and placed on the plate. You can also enjoy watching the chefs making sushi at the open kitchen in front of you. This reasonable lunch set is so popular that many people make a long line even before the restaurant is open.

Besides the quality of sushi, you can feel the typical Japanese style atmosphere from the Japanese style private rooms and the counter seats with Japanese flower arrangement. To enjoy the wonderful meal slowly, it may be better to order course menus so that you can spend time eating each dish and talking with the chefs. Enjoy the best sushi at “Sushi Ishijima”!!

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